Well Ive officially kicked off my mr2 project.. work has begun. Here is a little pic/info guide on how to fix a ripped armrest. Remove the rear storage box, remove arm rest assembly.

Then you pull back the 4 tabs from the underside to remove the armrest from the assembly. After that rip off the vinel and foam (this was probally the hardest part, I used a wire wheel).

Then cut and install the new foam using spray adhesive

Then cut out the new piece of vinel to match the old one and once again spray adhesive on the foam and vinel surface.

Now you have a finished product.


I was able to find all the stuff you need from a local fabric store which only cost me 2 dollars for the vinel and foam and then 3 more for the spray adhesive. The vinel actually matches the old toyota stuff perfectly. A lot cheaper alternative than buying a new one :) I have never done any upostry work before and I am quite satisfied with this, granted a square is a bit easier than say a door card.